About 30 people gathered for our third HCCC cross-sector team meeting, including organizational representatives, BTCC team members, and guests from the IU School of Public Health.

Scott Hutcheson, from Purdue’s Agile Strategy Lab, provided an overview of Strategic Doing and led us through an activity to begin to identify assets we’re willing to link, leverage, and align. Strategic Doing is an agile approach to forming collaborations and moving together toward measurable outcomes- and we’ll be using it to guide our exploration of organizational policy and practice changes.

BTCC was excited to share a newly completed cross-sector team resource packet with baseline data on 4 metrics and narrative snapshots contextualizing the quantitative information.  With the assistance of Dr. Priscilla Barnes from the IU School of Public Health and her masters level students we are exploring a 5th metric- one more challenging to operationalize and measure- social inclusion.  Our team spent time reflecting on personal and organizational definitions & examples of social inclusion- the beginning of what will be many conversations.

This meeting marked an exciting time in the Challenge- all partners have completed an initial Primary Prevention 101 training and are poised to begin exploring opportunities for intraorganizational change. Partners, with support, will identify ways to promote and institutionalize SSNREs (Safe, Stable, and Nurturing Relationships & Environments).   In the near future, the cross-sector team will have the opportunity to apply for small grants from our HCCC seed funding; funding will support interorganizational collaboration around at least one of the HCCC metrics: food access, food security, quality childcare access, living wage, and social inclusion.

When: April 13 2017, 9:00- 12:00 

Location: First United Church

“Bring a brick, not a cathedral”- our 3rd HCCC cross-sector team gathering