We are offering for the second time our Advocacy 101 training, led by Kate Cruikshank of the League of Women Voters. Kate offers us a primer to the state legislature: how to navigate the website, what happens to bills as they wend their way through the statehouse, and when can be effective to call or contact your legislator. This is a non-partisan event, and as such, is open to anyone in the community who would just like to understand better what happens in Indianapolis that has an effect on us at the local level.

There is a lot of interest right now in advocacy, in finding one’s voice in the political realm. And, while much of the focus in the news is on national politics, what happens closer to home is extremely important as well. Our state legislators put in a lot of time and energy making decisions that can affect roads, schools, businesses, energy sources, and our physical and mental health at every stage of life. We are fewer degrees of separation away from these decision-makers, and that proximity means that your voice carries even more weight.

You can come to the Advocacy 101 training determined to make a difference, or perhaps you want to come just to understand better what you read in the newspapers. Whatever your motivation, our community will be a better place because you made an effort to become informed about your state government.


When: February 6 2017, 7:00-8:30pm

Location: Monroe County Public Library Auditorium

Join us again for Advocacy 101!