Monroe County Childhood Conditions Summit 2019

On 11/19/19, BTCC joined Youth Services Bureau of Monroe County to coordinate and host the fourth annual Monroe County Childhood Conditions (MC3) Summit! Almost 220 community members convened at the Convention Center to discuss, explore, and generate ideas for action around the theme of equity and inclusion. See the full list of sessions offered here

For a quick glimpse of the day’s workshops:

  • Workshop options, including those focused on intersectionality and power-with relationships, invited participants to look at institutional power structures and interpersonal relationships.  
  • Sessions such as Creating a Geography of Opportunity: Connecting the Dots Among Neighborhoods, School, and Housing to Increase Equity invited participants to dig into the interconnectedness of the policies surrounding our neighborhoods, zip codes, transportation and educational systems.
  • An afternoon panel, Ask Us: A Conversation About Microaggressions, with facilitators and panelists from the City of Bloomington’s Community and Family Resource Department, IU O’Neill’s School of Public and Environmental Health, La Casa Latino Culture Center and more encouraged participants to talk openly about one of bias’ insidious expressions, microaggressions.

Workshop Presentations and Resources

67 participants packed the room in the session: Equity and Inclusion in Child Services.

In our general sessions, we featured speakers from the community, including: 

  • Chair of the Monroe County Women’s Commission and Senior Assistant Director of the IU Office of Admissions Nichelle Whitney
  • Youth Services Bureau Deputy Director Louis Malone IV
  • Judge Stephen Galvin 
  • Educator and BTCC member Tara Green
  • All-Options Pregnancy Resource Center National Programs Manager, Paulina Guerrero
  • Community Wellness Coordinator with Purdue Extension, Annie Eakin
  • Children’s Strategist for the Monroe County Public Library, Lisa Champelli
  • Students of the Academy of Science and Entrepreneurship, Lily Schunn and Richelle Elkes
  • Director of La Casa/Latino Community Center and a Board Member of El Centro Comunal, Lillian Casillas
  • Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at IU O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Health member of the Bloomington Commission on the Status of Black Males and creator of the Krimson Leadership Academy, Brian Richardson, Jr.
  • BTCC member and Youth Services Bureau of Monroe County’s MSW Intern, Ashley Barrett

Spotlight Presentations

Students of the Academy of Science and Entrepreneurship, Lily Schunn and Richelle Elkes.

Quarterly Meeting of the Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative’s Race, Equity and Inclusion Work Group

Equity Hour

Areas across Monroe County are often described as diverse and inclusive. However, data shows the lived experiences and the perceived experiences do not always align. To acknowledge diverse perspectives and offer a pulse-check for individuals and agencies, MC3 hosted an equity hour session.  Check out our Equity Hour Toolkit for assessments and resources to help explore organizational level equity and inclusion. 

Our Data Walk display featured info-graphics that provided a snapshot of local and regional data that both reflect and shape childhood conditions

Call to Action!

#MC3Summit Call to Action Framework Handout

Throughout the summit, MC3 participants were asked to identify action steps they could take to move the work forward, here are some of our participant calls to action:

  • “Make time for community building at work- equity ain’t possible without it.”
  • “Bring training to my organization to start the conversation.”
  • “Educate those on my board about equity and inclusion.”
  • “Reach out to contacts I made today.”
  • “Taking initiative to form connections that strengthen my work and make it more just, equitable and inclusive.” 
  • “Always striving to examine how I can learn, change, adjust to better serve youth in the community.”
  • “Have a list of up-to-date community resources in my office.”
  • “Speaking up! Always!”

A Sampling of MC3 Summit 2019 Planning Team and Presenters

Pictured: Some of the many folks who planned and presented at the 2019 MC3 Summit.

More information about previous MC3 events can be found here: 2016, 2017, or 2018.