Monroe County Childhood Conditions Summit

On 12/15/16, BTCC joined Youth Services Bureau of Monroe County to coordinate and host the first MC3 Summit!  What surrounds us shapes us was both a grounding and guiding idea for the summit.

About 170 community members convened at the Convention Center with opportunities for learning across the social ecology:

  • Workshop options, including those focused on primary prevention and implicit bias, invited participants to look both upstream and deep within.  
  • An SSNRE (safe, stable, and nurturing relationships and environments) panel workshop, with guests from Cook, Ivy Tech, Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard, and the Indiana Institute for Working Families, encouraged participants to learn from and brainstorm with practitioners.
  •  In Achieving Allyship, participants strategized to ways offer allyship that meets the needs of others rather than their own.  
  • Participants had two advocacy-related choices, one focused on legislative advocacy at the state level and the other looking at relationships and storytelling as vehicles for advocacy.
  • Another workshop offering explored the impact of trauma on brain development.  

In our general session times, we featured speakers from the community, including Josephine McCormick, senior at Bloomington South; Judge Galvin, Monroe Circuit Court 7;  and Dr. Priscilla Barnes, Assistant Professor at IU School of Public Health.  We were lucky to feature several local initiatives and programs in our Spotlight session: Prism Youth Community, The Van-Go, Page by Page, Family Voices Indiana, SCCAP’s Thriving Connections, and Monroe County’s System of Care Initiative.

Data Walk

Our Data Walk display featured infographics and maps that provided a snapshot of local and regional data that both reflect and shape childhood conditions.  While we shared demographic and individual-level data, it was important for us to look at access and opportunity in our larger community.  Children are shaped by the relationships they are a part of, the neighborhoods they live in, the places they learn and play, and the policies and practices developed by the organizations and institutions with which their families interact.


Workshop Handouts and PowerPoints

….and check out the videos (1 & 2) our friends at the Monroe County Public Library put together for the event- youth perspectives on what they need to thrive, be happy, and feel safe.

Participant comments:

“If what surrounds us truly does shape us, then the Summit will shape individuals who already care about children to turn their advocacy into action. An amazing experience!”
“I was astonished at how many topics were relevant and interesting to me despite my background as a business professional.  I really felt the conference helped build a sense of community moving toward solutions for the sake of our children.”
“The more focus and energy we can put on the front end to increase healthy outcomes for at risk populations, the better for all in Monroe County on the back end.”  

A special thank you to the following organizations for their support: