Over 50 attendees gathered at WonderLab to watch the signature hour of the documentary series The Raising of America and listen to and ask questions of a dynamic and passionate group of local panelists, including:

The Raising of America is a documentary probing how conditions faced by young children and their families form the foundation for a child’s later success – both in school and in life. It seeks to reframe the way Americans look at early childhood health and development and spark a much-needed national conversation: What actions will we take to assure the conditions that all children need for a strong start and put the nation on a path towards a healthier, safer, better educated, more prosperous and more equitable tomorrow?

Listen to the panel discussion recorded by WFHB.

Read the HT article covering the event.

When: May 22 2016, 2:00-5:00 pm
Location: WonderLab Museum

Viewing and Doing: The Raising of America

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