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BTCC is a network of organizations and individuals collaborating to provide training, build relationships, and promote actionable change to address the

root causes of social problems in Monroe County.

Our vision is embedded within our name; we represent a diverse group of local stakeholders working to build a thriving and compassionate community.

BTCC works hard to stay grounded in our values.


We believe that change is possible. Folks enter into the work of prevention with many assumptions, including the idea that some individuals and systems are fixed. BTCC values change, and knows that our best work is iterative, and we have an opportunity to move with inevitable change instead of working against it.

We move from trust. Trust can be built over time by developing strong relationships and connections, by owning our mistakes and missteps, & by committing to learning and by doing better by one another.

We center social inclusion. We work for equitable access to tangible and intangible resources (social 

capital, emotional support, meaningful paid employment, justice, services, healthcare, etc.) This means that power is examined, re-distributed and/or made available to all people in our network. Social inclusion is both an outcome and a process of improving the cultural conditions in which people live. 

We honor interconnectedness. We know the the roots of social problems are all connected; we strive to break down silos and leverage connections to increase equity.

And we recognize complexity. Complexity rarely yields clear-cut responses, and it's easy to see choices as conflicting. We challenge ourselves to identify the subtleties- the ways the polarities are “complementary and interdependent.” We push ourselves to recognize and hold the both/and in spaces where we often see either/or.

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