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BTCC Core Trainings

BTCC currently offers several core trainings to organizations and groups throughout the community. While each training focuses on a singular topic, all BTCC core trainings:

  • Use a popular education model, where facilitators bring their experience to the table alongside the expertise of participants

  • Use an interactive approach, where participants get the opportunity to engage with content and consider how it might apply to their own work and lives

  • Use the E4 framework from Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence, asking whether solutions are ethical, equitable, efficient, and effective

Trainings are available upon request, by filling out our Training Request Form.

Primary Prevention 101

Training time: 2 hours 

Great for groups who: want to get at the root of issues, are interested in thinking critically about the strategies they use in their work, want to explore ways to improve community conditions and dream big about what's possible

Historically, the significant majority of our nation’s resources and services have been directed at addressing the effects of social problems. While it is essential to serve those who have experienced harm, we believe that we also have the responsibility to work to prevent social problems and harm from happening in the first place. This is what we mean by primary prevention.

This training provides an overview of the “what” and “how” of primary prevention.  Primary prevention strategies are those designed to get in front of social problems by promoting safe and equitable community conditions to ensure that all community members have the opportunity to live at their full potential. Primary prevention strategies have been used to address social problems including child maltreatment, sexual violence, youth violence and intimate partner violence.

Training Accessibility & Accommodations 

Our hope is to provide trainings are accessible and inclusive for all community members and organizations. To that end, we try our best to offer accessibility accommodations for both virtual and in-person trainings, including captioning, translation, audio-visual assistance, large print resources, and more. 

To see a list of some accommodations we are able to offer, click here. If you have additional questions about accessibility before requesting a training, please reach out to us here.

BTCC Member-Offered Trainings

In addition to our core trainings, BTCC members have a wide range of expertise, and may offer trainings or resources from within their own organizations. To get connected for more information about any of these trainings, contact Topics include but are not limited to:


  • Advocacy 101 

  • Building Skills and Connection Through Tabletop Roleplaying Games

  • Conflict Mediation and Community Accountability 

  • Cliff Effect

  • Crafting Compelling Testimony for Public Testimony 

  • Introduction to Popular Education

  • Intercultural Development Inventory

  • Maternal Mortality and Paid Family Leave

  • Social Ecological Model 

  • Structural Supports for Supportive Workplaces

  • Voter Registration for Non-Profits 

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