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Our Theory of Change

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Our Vision is the guiding sun in our sky; we're always working towards building a thriving and compassionate community.

Our Working Agreements are the breeze moving us along as we create and hold spaces together. These norms help us to facilitate spaces that aim to be welcoming and supportive while also allowing for (and sometimes drawing out) the discomfort and challenge necessary for growth. We chose to adopt “brave” rather than “safe” space agreements, as we acknowledge safety is not distributed equitably and striving for it can favor and conform to those who already benefit from our current systems. To see our full working agreements, click here

Also in our sky arching over all our work and strategies? The brilliant E4 Framework developed by our friends at Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence. This framework helps us assess our network strategies by asking "Is this strategy Ethical, Equitable, Effective and Efficient?" For a full primer on E4, click here


Our Strategies are the rain watering our outcomes & making growth possible. Scroll through below to see our network's strategies for working towards a supportive community for all. 

Primary Prevention Strategies: Primary Prevention is a systematic process that promotes safe and healthy environments and behaviors, reducing the likelihood or frequency of an incident, injury or condition occurring. It invites us to move beyond education, awareness, and risk reduction and instead, work to prevent harm and imagine a world that's proactively compassionate, supportive, and equitable.

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Our Values are the roots holding us steady in our work. As a network, we value trust, social inclusion, truth, interconnectedness, complexity and the belief that change is possible. To read more about what our values look like in practice, click here

Our values are well-rooted in and deeply shaped by the soil surrounding them - our Assumptions


This is about all of us; everything that impacts the most vulnerable

impacts all of us

Theory of Change
Theory of Change

The fruits of our labor are shared Outcomes. Scroll through below to see the outcomes we're working towards in BTCC.

Policy & Practice Change

BTCC believes that the most effective changes do not happen on the level of individual behavior, but as one rises higher in the social ecology. BTCC asserts that system level policy and practice changes lead to the most broad and equitable impact.

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