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MC3 2023: Mattering and Belonging

MC3 Brought To You By:

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Who should attend MC3?

We're glad you asked! We think anyone should attend who has a strong stake in youth conditions across the County! In our experience, that includes youth workers, teachers, youth program administrators, funders, local teens, elected officials, parents, social workers, counselors, and more!

  • If you're an employer considering whether to send staff, click here

  • If you're an employee curious about how to broach joining MC3 with your boss, we have resources here

Where is MC3 this year? 

The Summit will be at the Monroe Convention Center, on 302 S. College Ave. There is onsite parking, and MC3 will be held on the first floor. 

Will there be food?

Great question - you're our kind of person! MC3 will include a light breakfast, and a boxed lunch, with coffee, tea and water options available throughout the day. 

More info to come, but if you have more questions now, reach out to the MC3 Planning Team!


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